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Message From Prof Tom Muller

All right, as you guys know the world is in a little bit of turmoil here with the spread of this coronavirus. I just want to send this video out to let everyone know that I’m going to be shutting down for two weeks.

We don’t want to cause any panic over the coronavirus but at the same time, we don’t want to take this too lightly, especially when we have family members that are older that have underlying medical conditions.

So, we’re planning on doing is closing here for about 2 weeks. We’re going to do a deep clean of the academy for those of you that know me personally, I am a bit of a germaphobe anyway, so, you know being in the grappling martial arts for a long time. There are mat borne stuff that we’re always keeping an eye on. It’s always been great for me two decades of keeping things clean, keeping the mats clean keeping areas people touch, surfaces, and doorknobs clean. We do that on the regular anyway, but again, we’re going to do a deep cleanse in here.

But what’s more important is we going to sit down with staff retrain them; make sure everyone’s on the same page. Also, we are working on some protocols and systems it when we come back online to start training again, we want to eventually return to some sort of normalcy.

But at the same time, we’re going to have to take some steps and we want to take the charge here in making sure that when we come back especially in close contact here on the mats that we’re starting a top-down effect here.

Everyone has to do their job keeping themselves clean keeping, we’re going to keep them clean, of course, but keeping your uniform clean, keeping your fingernails short is all stuff that we do naturally it in the grappling arts, but we were conscious of you know. You are going to hear at all the news, wash your hands and stuff like that. I’m not downplaying that at all, but it’s stuff we have to retraining ourselves with.

Even I have to re-train to touch my nose, you know, I’ll do it with here.

So those are the things that we’re going to do here and hopefully again with the nature of the close contact in the art that we all have to be a little bit more aware for everyone’s sake.

So, we’re going to continue to monitor what’s going with the coronavirus on the outside world and we’re going to keep you guys posted for email does any questions or anything any concerns? Please call me or email me. If you don’t have my number or my email its Tom@MullerBJJ.com, you know the academy 631-462-5000 but you’re better off emailing me or texting me. And hopefully, we’ll see you guys back on the mat soon and I will get through this together.

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