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1) How To Tie Your Gi Pants And Belt


2) Fundamental Movements: Forward Roll, Back Roll, Shrimp, Reverse Shrimp, Side Brake Fall, Back Break Fall, Briding, Techincal Stand Up


3) Take Downs: Grip Breaks, Hip Throw, Body Lock, Single Leg


4) The Mount (Defense): Up & Over Escape, Elbow Escape, Hip Escape


5) The Mount (Attacks): Control, Arm Bar, Americana, Rear Naked Choke, Cross Collar Choke, Head and Arm Choke


6) Side Control (Defense): Elbow Escape, Bump Single Leg, Head Lock Escape, Head Lock Escape (Back Take), Head Lock Escape (Side Control)


7) Side Control (Attacks): Control, Americana, Kimura, Mount Transition, Arm Lock, Mount Transition 2


8) The Back Position (Attacks): Control, Rear Naked Choke, Collar Choke, Arm Bar


9) Closed Guard: Control & Distance Management, Arm Lock, Triangle, Up & Over Sweep, Up and Over Kimura, Guillotine, Scissor Sweep, Back Take, Double Ankle Pick, Pendulum Sweep


10) Guard Passing: Posture, Opening The Legs, Opening The Legs 2, Toreando/Bull Fighter Pass, Stack Pass, Knee Slice Pass, Half Guard


11) Half Guard: Reversals And Recoveries

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